Food Truck FAQs

Hibachi Xpress Food Truck Service FAQs

Food trucks are hot and fun! The new trend is bringing food trucks to your place of business, festival, fundraising event, parties…now at your residence for no other reason than just pure convenience! Here are some FAQs about having the Hibachi Xpress Food Truck at your apartment complex:

Normally, yes for private events and functions…However, for the apartment complex service schedule, the only expense would be your time, your marketing resources to tell every resident about our upcoming visit and a good place to park (typically near the front office and/or mail center) where all residents will see when they arrive.
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. We carry full insurance (1M, 2M) on our vehicle, trailer and workers comp. We can provide a certificate of insurance for your company upon request to fully comply with all insurance requirements. We are current with all permits and licenses and approved to operate with our valid Wake County Health Inspection Permit.
The food truck is 100% self contained. We bring our own generator to provide electricity to the truck. We have our own propane tanks for cooking. The truck is equipped with both clean and gray water tanks for supplying clean water and receiving gray used water. We have an industry approved hood system with full ANSUL system for smoke exhaust and fire prevention.
Yes, we will email you a menu in .pdf for your marketing use. You may print and post anywhere with your discretion and share with your tenants.
We recommend you inform them as soon as we confirm a date and time so some residents will put on their calendars. Posting flyers on your property is also encouraged. The most important part of the marketing is the “Day-Of” Marketing. We’ve found the best success of a simple yard sign or A-frame sign that is out by the entrance/exit of the complex that states “FOOD TRUCK TONIGHT” with a clean area to write the food truck name, service time and date. Typically this sign should be out before the first residents leave for work. I usually recommend it put out the night before…for example, if the dinner service is 5pm-7pm, then put the sign at exit after 7pm the night before for viewing next morning.
A good rule is to have 1 truck for every 300 attendees for a 90 minute event…not everyone will eat that attend…If you invite too many trucks for your event, then the food truck operators will not make enough to want to return to your complex. Starting off, have one truck as we only see serving 50-100 meals per visit…that is a good volume for one truck to stop for 90 minutes. As the trucks see you have a profitable event, they will continue returning for future visits.
This depends on the response from your residents…I would recommend starting off one visit per month…if the response is great enough, then 2X a month, then 1X a week…it will take a substantial response to justify a food truck every day.
Yes…anytime the company wants to provide a special resident appreciation or social event where the food is paid for, food trucks are the new and fun way to cater your event. We can accept any vouchers you print in house with prior arrangements to pre-pay or post-pay per voucher. You can determine whether to pay for the entire meal or a predetermine set amount per resident. We will be happy to work with you on your resident appreciation package with the food truck.
The sooner the better. As soon as you have a set date on a special event, then contact us to check for availability. Certain days are in higher demand than others which can be scheduled as far as 90-120 days in advance. However, weeknight dinner service should not be in a premium high demand for now. Contact us to discuss your thoughts on when to schedule our food truck for service. Keep in mind the more flexible you can be with the service date and time, the easier it will be to get an event scheduled.
Just like any other services you provide your residents, you want them to be happy and stay. Bringing a food truck on site is a service to your residents. You want your complex to provide services to your residents that are unique and valued so they enjoy staying. Having a successful food truck program is part of that success.
We are currently scheduling the following shifts for dinner service:
Early Dinner 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm (surprisingly we have a few already)
1st Dinner 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
2nd Dinner 6:45 pm -8:15 pm
Late Dinner 8:30 pm -10:00 pm
Service times are approximate and depend upon travel delays/distance and prior events completion times.
Feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have. Follow us on social media for updates and inquiries on where we are serving.