Ever wish you could help but felt too small?  So did I!

But I learned that as a group we can make a difference and help grant a child’s WISH.   Donate whatever you can and we will make a large group donation in ALL of our names!

If you own a food truck or are a fan or customer of food trucks, YOU can be part of this fantastic group support of Make A Wish!
Food truck owners – this is a great way to get your name out, create more exposure for you as well as helping such a great cause.
Customer or fan? and anyone that wants to help out – As a group we can do so much more than individually.

There are many ways we give back to the community…money, food, time, information, services…theses are all resources.  There are so many charitable organizations that need our help everyday.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was I thought a little business owner like myself could never make any big contribution to large charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish…its for big companies with big profits to contribute for tax savings.  WRONG!

I went out on a limb.  In 2014 I decide to donate a food truck catered event for 50 guests…price tag?  $1000.  I was shooting high and gonna take care of whomever the lucky winner will be…Thinking my little food truck gig would bring in $600-$800 donation…who in their right mind would pay over $1000 for this?  Come to find out my donation brought in over $2000…their highest single item live auction item that evening.  To this day I’m still in shock!  I ended up serving the family that purchased the event for their block party and had a blast!  It was one of the best things I’ve ever donated and was such a rewarding experience.  Needless to say I did the same donation in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

We have attended the Ball and get to see first hand how people getting together can make such a difference in a child and family’s life, Not only is it one of the best events we attend, it was a  life changing experience and a great night out for us without the kids.

As parents, we are always grateful and blessed with having healthy children.  We’ll do whatever we can to make sure they stay that way.  Learning what some families have to endure with children dealing with potentially terminal illnesses is unimaginable.  It’s definitely something I do not wish upon any family.  It’s incredible what Make-A-Wish does for the families by granting them the one wish to help put smiles on their faces.  Check out the link for more info about what Make-A-Wish of Eastern NC is doing today.

So for 2017 I challenged myself to be able to give more to Make-A-Wish.  Considering that the average wish granted is over $8000, my truck donation was able to support a good part of a wish.  This year I want to surpass that goal in granting the full cost of a wish or more!

How you can help…Don’t think a $25, $50 or $100 donation is worth much?  Multiply that by 100 food truck owners and see what we can contribute to Make-A-Wish.  I want to call it the Food Truck Family Donation to Make-A-Wish of Eastern NC.  I plan to put everyone’s logo on a large display and write Make A Wish one check on behalf of the Food Truck Family.  I’m still going to donate my food truck event for their silent auction.  But this year I want to be able to present to them a check for our donation.  Everyone who donates will be listed on display.

….AND we are randomly selecting one couple to join us at our own Corporate table (WooHoo!!) at the WISH BALL April 22, 2017 ( tickets are valued at $250 each!) for an unbelievable experience and a great night away from the food truck! The greater your donation the more chances you have to win!  If you have never had a chance to attend, this is the perfect time to do so.

Donate today, help us reach a goal of a Wish Sponsor ($10,000).  100% of all donations will be delivered to Make-A-Wish of Eastern NC.  Hibachi Xpress, Catering by Ray nor Ray Chow keeps any part of your contribution.  This is truly my give-back project.  I will continue to do all I can to support the industry.  Exceeding this goal would be an incredible achievement for our Food Truck Family here in NC!

You can still be part of this – we are already planning ahead for 2018!

YOUR Food Truck or Company Name will appear with a link to your website, facebook or twitter .

Make your donation here today.  Thank you for all we do!


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