Sense of Humor

Keeping your sense of humor in business, as in all of life, is important.  Many tasks, shopping in particular can be frustrating.  Not enough time, cannot find items, and so on. Here’s a short story to hopefully make you laugh or smile a little.  While getting supplies in one of the Big Box Restaurant Supply stores, I saw the usual rushing and searching going on from shoppers.  Two women were not far from me, one called out to the other semi-panicky, “Where is the powdered milk, I can’t find it” …. so, being me, I said to her, “excuse me – it’s right there, next to the powdered water.”

She hesitated, said oh thanks, looked at the shelf, then did a double-take and laughed!  It seemed to calm her mad-rush and she went on smiling.  Sometimes a little comic relief is just that – a relief from tension and stress.  Wanted to share this and hope it makes you smile just a little too!   Have a great day…..Ray Chow

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